20/20 Vision – I See What You’re Saying

Theme 2020:  “20/20 Vision-I See What You’re Saying”


“We live in a very noisy society, and messages get targeted our way every day. Information comes via text, twitter feeds, Facebook, television, radio, and the internet.  The church and other religious institutions communicate messages to the masses about what is important to them and what is their ‘ask’ of other people. As one can imagine, with various messages circulating, it’s difficult to believe all that one hears.  Therefore, what is proclaimed by indiviudals or institutions must be reflected in what others can see.  As a child, I remember hearing people say,  “I see what you are saying.” 

The above  statement points to the power of alignment, where there is no disconnect between rhetoric and reality. According to John P. Kotter, “Communication comes in both words and deeds, and the latter are often the most powerful form.  Nothing undermines change more than behavior by important individuals that is inconsistent with their words.”

To become an attractive and transforming fellowship others must be able to see what we are proclaiming as members of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church.  The Gospel of John describes the joining of words with actions in this way, “And the Word became flesh and lived among us.” This year our actions will be intentional as the word of God shows up in all that we do in service to others and service to our community. We want others to say, “I See What You’re Saying.”

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