Women of Worship

The ministry is intended to encourage women to grow in their faith, to develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, to engage in mentoring relationships between women and young girls, and to provide opportunities to serve our Pan African community with the covenant decree that “Nothing is more scared than the liberation of Black People.”

Every woman who is a member of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church is automatically a member of the Women of Worship Ministry. She participates in WOW by giving back to the church either financially or by volunteering her services in other ministries.

Sis. Abeo Brown, Director

About Us

The Women of Worship, Women of God Ministry was fashioned out of a “Powerful Conversation” in January 2010, between seven self-determined and spirited women in the Southern Regional Congregation (Shrine 9) Atlanta, GA with a highly expressed desire to build a deeper sense of community with women, posing that through our relationships with others, we experience more of God than is ever possible for us to experience alone.

In March, 2010 with the support of Southern Regional Bishop Randy Mwenda L. Brown, the WOW Ministry hosted what has now become an annual celebration (Pan African Women’s’ History Month) emphasizing the need to bring to light the immense contributions of Pan African women – those celebrated and those who remain hidden figures.

The crucial next step in our development was to unite the women’s ministries in our sister regions of Detroit, MI (The Women of NIA), Houston TX (The PEARLS) and in Beulah Land, Calhoun Falls, SC (The Way out of No Way Making Women). In July of 2012 the Women of Worship Ministry hosted its first National Retreat in Atlanta, GA. At the conclusion of the retreat WOW was convoked and consecrated as a National Ministry within the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church by the National Board of Pastors (Bishop Mbiyu Moore, Bishop Judas Seegars, Bishop Aswad Walker and Bishop Mwenda Brown with the approval of the National Presiding Bishop Don Kimathi Nelson (Jaramogi Kimathi).

Pan African Outreach

As women in ministry we feel a responsibility to inform, inspire and ignite women and youth girls of faith to launch initiatives that challenge the cultural climate, and embrace a Messianic-centered perspective on issues facing our communities.

The Women of Worship, Atlanta, Georgia:

Our mission is to challenge women to grow in their faith, to strengthen spiritual connections with one another and with our ancestors, and to intentionally communicate the power of our divine purpose as Best Self Co-Creators with the Revolutionary Spirit of God and in the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church. The Women of Worship seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may continue to foster wholesome interactions with the significant male counterparts in her life and to grow in the abundance of her worship. WOW offers quarterly gatherings (sacred spaces) where sisters can connect, facilitated through the My Sisters’ Keepers Self Care Institute (Rev. Ayana), Married without Regret (Elder Oni), Authentic Women Emerging (Elders and Mothers) and Devotional/Prayer Circles (Sister Chenzira) to address topics such as self-care, health, and relationships.

Pan African Women’s History Month
March Calendar of Events 2018

Girlfriends In God Youth Ministry: The Youth Girls Ministry is responsible for reaching, teaching, and training youth girls to impact their communities and the Pan African world through their gifts and passions.

The GIG Mentoring Program will infuse the “Seven Principles of Blackness” commonly associated with Kwanzaa, (created by Dr. Maulana Karenga), to guide and empower girls through adolescence: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Works and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith).

Hand on Liberia: The Hands on Liberia initiative is an opportunity for us to minister to communities in Liberia, Africa. Acts of evangelism should not only be restricted to proselytizing, but should identify critical needs and ways of providing those needs and services to members of the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Paynesville, Liberia. If you would like to contribute to Hands on Liberia by donating much needed schools supplies please contact the Women of Worship Ministry through the
Southern Regional Office at 404-343-3439.

Rev. Nkenge Abi National “Sister of Promise” Book Scholarship Award The Scholarship is in support of making a positive and lasting impact on the community for young women who pursue excellence in academia and in the Pan African Community through her service.

Sister of Promise 2017

Sister Ayan Robinson is the 1st recipient of the Sister of Promise Award from the WOW Ministry in the Atlanta, Georgia Southern Region. Sister Ayan is a second generation Black Christian Nationalist. She is the daughter of former fulltime Southern Regional BCN Missionaries Sister Chenzira Robinson and Brother Ageyi McDonald. Sister Ayan is a graduate of the KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School, with an academic GPA of 3.79. Sister Ayan is an alumnus of the Girlfriends in God Youth Ministry, serving as the ministry’s treasurer. Sister Ayan participates in various Community Outreach Projects associated with the GIG Ministry and also as intern at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her working with the GIG Ministry merited her community service scholarships from Georgia Power Blacks in Energy and the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church College Cadre. Sister Ayan is a freshman at Tuskegee University, persuing an Engineering Degree.

Are you a young Sister of Promise? To apply, applications are available April 1st through June 30th yearly. If you would like to contribute to the Rev. Nkenge Abi Scholarship Award please donate on theyearofrestoration.org (PAOCC Rev. Nkenge Abi Scholarship Award).

The Women of NIA WON), Detroit, MI

Conversations with our Daughters

Conversations with our Daughters is a mentoring program for girls and young women ages 6-21. It provides topical conversation relevant to current youth issues as well as using teamwork to develop strategies for independent thought. In developing young minds, we encourage young ladies to seek financial independence through product creation, promotion and sales.

The group meets at the church at 12:00 pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

The PEARLS, Houston, TX

Rev. Djenaba, Ministry Leader

Purpose statement:
We will build intentional relationships and serve as a financial support base to the church. We intend to strengthen relationships by spending concentrated time in the word of God. Serve God by using our Giftedness for the benefit of others. To strive to attain our “Best Selves” as we support others in development.

Mission Statement:
The Pearl’s women’s ministry is to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the women of the PAOCC and church community. This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith; and to develop, strengthen and nourish intimate relationships with other women and to work in concert with the vision of the PAOCC.

Pearls Ministry Structure
The Pearls Ministry shall be an integral aspect of the Church’s program. We are a local entity and also a part of a National Women of Worship Ministry. Ministry Leader participates in monthly conference calls with the National WOW Ministry Team and updates the local ministry as to the national objectives. Involvement also includes yearly observances of Pan African Women’s History Month (March) and bi-annual WOW National Retreats.

PEARL’S Ministry Structure

  • Ministry Leader
  • Mediators – Assist in various areas
  • Monthly meetings
    • To be held at volunteers homes every 4th Sunday unless otherwise determined.

Ministry Objectives

Growing Our Faith –

  • Bible Study/Devotionals

Growing Our Relationships & Social Consciousness

  • Pearl’s Socials/Outreach/Fellowships
  • Pearl’s Angel’s Closet (Seasonal Clothing Drive)
  • Pearl’s Book Club
  • Girl Power – (Mentoring Program)
  • Elder’s Circle

Moving with God

  • Group Beulah Land Pledges
  • Prayer Partners-Care Committee (Let the Circle Be Unbroken)
  • Monthly Ujamaa Kazi Projects
  • Church Fundraisers*
  • Beulah land Pilgrimage

Anniversary Month Projects

  • Shrine Cleanup – Saturdays
  • Buy Black Marketplace – Volunteers
  • Shrine Gift Shop/Fundraiser – Vending Table to sell items to raise funds for the church. (Black Greeting Cards, Novelties).
  • PEARLS TEA (Sister to Sister)

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